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Crafting Timeless Moments: Sustainable Luxuries for Everyday




A curated selection of sustainable everyday luxuries

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Timeless design is simple and functional, but never boring. Farac handcrafted jewellery exemplifies that truism.
The Farac Mali Ston collection is an homage to the lush flora and fauna of the Adriatic coast.
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PLŪKT is a premium Nordic tea brand offering herbal teas collected from wildlife certified-organic forests in Northern Europe.
All PLŪKT teas are handpicked, wild, and organic.
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For connoisseurs of caffeine, KALVE coffee is a godsend: lightly roasted, aromatic, and delicate.
KALVE coffees are ethically sourced from sustainable coffee cooperatives in Africa and South America.
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WAVE Murano glassworks are a symphony of colours and patterns that belong in an art gallery!
Using ancient glassblowing techniques, each Murano glass is moulded by hand in a climate-neutral furnace on the island of Murano, Italy.

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