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Impact Shopping is a choice you make to create positive change through your purchasing decisions. It is a viable alternative for conscious consumers like you who care about how a product is made; where it is made; and who made it. 

At Flâneri, we are striving to change the public perception of sustainability and luxury. All too often, sustainability is associated with cheap and low-cost products made out of recycled materials. Unsurprisingly, there are an increasing number of low-quality items that are rarely appreciated and often discarded after a single-use. By contrast, most products featured on the Flâneri Virtual Concept Store are high-quality heirlooms that are vouchsafed for the next generation.

To ensure a seamless Impact Shopping experience for our customers, we developed the following purchasing criteria:

  • Sustainably made in their local places of origin
  • Support businesses to stimulate the local economy
  • Most items sold should be exclusive to the Flâneri Virtual Concept Store
  • Small batch production
  • (Hand)made products from sustainably sourced high-quality raw materials
  • Collaborate with family-owned businesses and/or independent entrepreneurs
  • Durable
  • Limited
  • Product manufacturers must adhere to the highest ethical standards of labour
  • The packaging must be both carbon-neutral and recyclable

We can effect real change by making better purchasing decisions and consuming fewer, but better products.

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