The Flâneri Virtual Concept Store is a TransNordic platform offering a curated selection of sustainable everyday luxuries. Our collection features exquisite perfumes, textiles, cosmetics, leather goods, specialty coffee & tea, and other accessories, all crafted by some of the world’s finest artisans.


Flâneri was conceived out of a burning desire to counter throwaway culture and vacuous mass consumerism.

We believe in building a virtual marketplace that caters to the conscious consumer who seeks luxe sustainable products designed to improve life. Each item in our collection has been carefully selected based on its ethical production methods – ensuring that our customers can make a positive impact on the planet while indulging in luxurious, high-quality goods.

At Flâneri, we are committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience that blends design, style, and social responsibility. Your purchase supports small family-owned businesses that are dedicated to sustainable production and waste reduction.


Our mission

To promote conscious consumption: the sustainable solution to mass-production, consumerism, and excessive waste generation.




Transparency creates accountability. Communicating how and where a product is manufactured, sourced, and sold builds a strong bond between the producer and the customer.



To be authentic is to be true to yourself. In an age of mass-consumerism and the prevalence of throw-away society, people are increasingly seeking products that are (hand) made using traditional methods while maintaining the highest quality standards; products that are built to last that and become heirlooms.



Meaningful consumption creates positive impact. Sustainability is actionable: we can actively contribute to sustainable practices through buying less, but better products that are functional, and well-made. It is only by changing our lifestyles that we can reduce the negative impacts on the environment, society, and economy.


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