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Maison Matine Perfumes: The Avant-garde Rebels

Ah, those Maison Matine perfumes and graphic bottles! The avant-garde French perfume house is painting a new olfactory canvas that resonates with the cool, the curious, and the connoisseurs of haute perfumery. Far more than mere reservoirs for fragrances, each graphic bottle of Maison Matine is an artistic oeuvre that mimics the beautiful fragrance it houses.

Buy Less But Better

We are frequently trapped in a cycle of buying cheap, disposable products that break or wear out quickly. This not only perpetuates a never-ending cycle of buying more but also generates tremendous waste. The solution to this problem is to buy less but better products that are well-made and sustainable.

How to Enjoy Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a sustainable lifestyle is no longer an option. The ongoing energy and climate crisis are forcing people to rethink their everyday lifestyle choices. Small actions like the type of car you drive, how much energy you use, and what you buy have a big impact on the environment.

Small Pleasures: The Art of Living

An afternoon nap, a loving family, a cup of tea, a good book, or a dip in the lake, such are the small pleasures that make life worthwhile. Pleasures that are accessible to most of us and cost little or nothing. Pleasures that we take for granted, but which have a huge impact.


Teatime with Plükt

It is rare to come across a brand that creates a completely new experience: Plükt has done just that for the daily tea ritual with its beautifully designed product packages containing wild herbs from the forests of Northern Europe.

The Joys of Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee has undoubtedly improved our lives. What once supplemented the extended nocturnal worship of Sufi hermits, coffee has come a long way in becoming the remedy for sluggish daybreaks.

The New Travel: Products & Places

To travel is to encounter the unknown. It is a respite from the monotony of daily existence; an opportunity to rediscover truisms and a way of communicating with others, including ourselves.

Impact Shopping: The Rise of Conscious Consumption

The world is awash with junk! Each day, over 10 000 00 products are produced to quench the growing demand – mostly manufactured by faux marketing – for novelties. Products that we neither need nor appreciate and many of which are often discarded after single-use. The result? Heaves of junk.

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