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The world is awash with junk. Each day, approximately 10 000 000 products are produced to quench the growing demand for novelties. Products that we neither need nor appreciate, and many of which are often discarded after single-use. The result? Heaves of junk. 

The solution? Enter Flâneri: a new and original concept store that offers a viable alternative to mass-production, mass-consumerism, and excessive waste. The Flâneri Virtual Concept Store is a boon to the conscious consumer; a place where you can find all the essential everyday items made by artisans who care about craft, quality, and sustainability. 

Shopping at Flâneri allows people to create a positive impact by supporting small family-owned businesses committed to positive change. It is a place where you can indulge your desires without harbouring a guilty conscience. In brief, Flâneri is for people who care about how a product is made, where it is made, and who made it.

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