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Finding shoes that are elegant, comfortable, and sustainably made can be a difficult task. It is therefore great to see the storied Slovakian brand, Novesta, crafting shoes that accomplish just that!

Novesta has emerged as a noteworthy player in the competitive world of handmade footwear. The company has returned to its minimalist roots, reproducing various celebrated models like the Star Master, Marathon, and the military-inspired Rubber Sneaker.

Star Master: An Everlasting Symbol

The Star Master ranks amongst Novesta’s best-known models; it is a shining example of both elegant design and versatility. Designed with a canvas upper and a natural rubber sole, the Star Master exemplifies Novesta’s careful selection of high-quality natural materials.

It is a shoe model that is all about comfort and versatility, striking a fine balance between feeling good and looking stylish. The rubber sole offers cushioning and support, making every step graceful.

Marathon: A Durable Companion

For those seeking quality craftsmanship and unwavering durability, Novesta’s Marathon shoes are the paragons of resilience. Marathons are made with conventional vulcanization methods and are designed to withstand the test of time. These aren’t shoes that crumble after a season or two; they are steadfast companions for the rugged journeys ahead.

Rubber Sneaker: The All-Terrain Shoe

Novesta’s focus on comfort and style is perfectly embodied in their Rubber Sneakers – commonly known as ‘Wellington’ shoes. Every step creates the sensation of walking on clouds because of the incredible support and cushioning that natural rubber soles provide. Novesta’s Rubber Sneakers guarantee that feet stay dry without forfeiting style.

Ethical Excellence and Transparency

Novesta’s commitment extends beyond words; it’s an action-driven ethos. Ethical production practices and responsible manufacturing are the cornerstones of Novesta’s operations. Most of the shoes are 100% vegan and each pair is still handcrafted in the original Novesta factory in Slovakia using sustainably sourced cotton and rubber.

For aficionados of the unique and exclusive, Novesta occasionally unveils limited-edition collections and collaborations with esteemed designers and brands. These exclusive releases transcend mere footwear; they are collectibles, artifacts of fashion history, and invaluable additions to the wardrobe.

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