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Specialty coffee has undoubtedly improved our lives. What once supplemented the nocturnal worship of Sufi hermits, coffee has come a long way in becoming the remedy for sluggish daybreaks. This stimulant, however, is prized for much more than its energizing properties. 

When discussing coffee, it is customary to enumerate the many health benefits the beverage provides. Its diverse and deep flavour profiles, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked. After all, coffee taste, like wine, is beholden to the crop’s terroir: the local microclimate, terrain, and soil.   

Single-origin specialty coffees from South America, for example, have distinctive nutty and chocolaty tones. African coffee beans, by contrast, have citrusy, fruity, and floral notes. 

Naturally, how the coffee beans are processed, roasted, and ultimately brewed also influences the taste – not to mention the water quality, temperature, and grind size. It is therefore imperative to find a knowledgeable coffee roaster who goes to great lengths to source high-quality raw beans and then carefully roasts them at the proper temperature to release dormant aromas and flavours sealed in them.

Fortunately, specialty coffee roasteries are in abundance today. But what separates the good from the great, is the roast consistency attained by the latter. In Kalve Coffee Roasters we have exactly that: ethically sourced raw beans; the symbiosis between expert knowledge and modern technology; and positive impact creation. 

Coffee remains one of the great small pleasures of life. One could therefore be excused for being snobbish about one’s daily cup.

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